Netflix’s The Crown

After a week of binge-watching Netflix’s The Crown, I can truly say that I am blown away. I have found the production unbelievably impressive. The locations are large and grandiose, and the camera moves smoothly through the rooms of Buckingham Palace, choosing angles that accentuate the moment. Whether showing the large empty spaces symbolizing the loneliness of being Queen.

The acting is superb as Clair Foy seamlessly transitions from a twenty-something royal to the personification of The Sovereign. She surprised me, by inspiring empathy and affection for the Queen. The supporting roles are excellent, most certainly John Lithgow as Winston Churchill.

The series manages to provide equal suspense and emotion to small moments and large historical events. I can imagine the scrutiny and disdain for some of those small moments, at how trite, unnecessarily dramatic, and spoiled the principals may be. However, I find myself cherishing those small moments all the more.

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